About Us


The Learn Equity Academy was founded to create professionals who can bring clarity, authenticity, transparency & professionalism in the Indian Stock Market.

Stock market is projected as a field of super rich people only. However, the reason behind formulating stock market was the fact that corporate can raise money through commoners. However, commoners around the globe are yet to get the real benefit of stock market.

In a country like India, stock is either projected as a way to gamble or a thing which is very complex to understand. And major reason behind this gap is the poor infrastructure which is supporting this market.  

This is a knowledge industry, but we hardly find good knowledge source who can help us understand its phenomena with clarity. And, end result happens to be a disaster in terms of Investment.

LearnEquity Academy goal is to create thousands and lacs of professional who will serve stock market as a knowledge industry and exihibit ethical behaviour. India and world will see a huge demand of such professional because people around the globe are becoming more aware about investing in equities. 

At the same time, we also want educate investors who are planning to Invest safely in right companies.

Trading has been projected purely as a gamble. However, its a devision which is bringing liquidity in the market and making its perfect. But, it is a field which changes on a very fast pace. Individuals who want to trade must know the tricks and science of trading. For, them we also have a program where we teach them latest trading techniques. 

We are here to teach each and every thing about Investment and Trading of trading of stock market for common individual like you and me. 

Stock Market is for rich people only
No, you can invest in a company with as low as 50 Rs even.

Stock Market is a gambling.
When you invest in one share with a vision and research you become a fractional owner of a company. But when you buy share in morning just to make profit by evening, yes thats gambling.

Stock market is only for people who can research well and you have to be doing it full time.
No, owner of the companies need to work full time for the betterment of the company and stocks. You as an Investor have to relax. However, before investing you have to learn a bit of discipline and basics.

You will loose your money in Stock market.
You will loose if you gamble. If you invest, you can be very very rich.

I don’t believe in stock market and I would never invest.
Well, LIC and all mutual fund which you buy finally invest in stock market only to give you return after deducting their high management fee. Why not direct equity ? Learn a bit. Apply some common sense. Regularly invest. Thats the key.

LearnEquity Academy offers three courses.

1. Be An Investor - This course is for each and everyone who want to explore Equity/Stock/Share market as a choice of Investment. There are purely 4 type of Investment. Fixed Deposit, Real estate, Gold and equity. Except Equity/shares/Stocks we are aware about all other investment class. There is a need to understand equity market for all of us who want to create a wealth by Investing into it for long term perspective. We teach each and everything about Equity Investment in this course.

2. Be a trader- Traders bring liquidity into the system of stocks market transactions. However, in every decade trading technique changes. In this program, we teaches aspirants to become successful traders. These days, apart from the basic trading techniques we are teaching them two specific trading techniques which is based on Maths and Statistics. These are Options trading strategies and Statistical arbitrage.

3. LearnEquity Academy offers a Certified Equity Market Professional program (CEMP) to eligible graduates and is based at Gurgaon, the emerging commercial hub in North India. However, students can join the course from any location from all over the world. We are using latest technology to give our online students in-class experience where they can ask questions and clear their doubt in an interactive mode. In this course, we teach them to serve Investors and Traders with highest level of ethics and integrity.

LearnEquity vision is to create awareness around Equity Investment in India. And we do it by training Investors, Traders and Wanna be professional of stock market. Basic rules of Investments in stock market must be taught to every Investor. Trading is an area which needs special techniques and skill set to professionally do it or make it a self sustainable mode of earning money on regular interval. And to assist Investor and Traders, we need good workforce who understand Risk management, Valuation, Portfolio management and understand the code of conduct of Stock Market. We address all three type of learning and delivery in easy to understand format.